The Bold & The Beautiful

We have been seeing this bold and beautiful trend everywhere and we love everything about it. Whether scrolling through Pinterest, checking in on our favorite fashion bloggers, or flipping through magazines you have seen the Silk Midi take over the fashion world. 

This look combines a feminine silk skirt contrasted with a bold print (hello leopard) and pairing it with a Vintage or Distressed Graphic T-Shirt brings the level of badass chic up many notches. We love to style the Midi or Maxi (preferably pleated) skirt with your favorite graphic t-shirt tied up or tucked in and a pair of on-trend low tops for a casual but very fashionable look. Another favorite way to style is to turn in the sneakers for booties or heels and drape a jacket and staple clutch for a look that is sure to turn heads and the perfect outfit for a night out. 

This relatable and cool vibe is also comfortable, effortless and fun! Let us know what you think and if you are ready to dust off that D.A.R.E. shirt from middle school! 


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